Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why Is No One Rehhhh-dyyyy?

Oh, and Emily?


That's all.

"Sometimes under-preparation is very good, because it instills fear and fear is galvanising. It makes you break out of yourself. If you're prepared, then you think you're ready, and if you think you're ready, then you're not ready."

- Meryl Streep, from an interview for The Devil Wears Prada.


  1. I never feel ready. Even when I am.

  2. "I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready"

    - Spongebob Squarepants.

  3. ...because "preparedness" [sic] is a state of mind. It is what is fed in the present to make one believe one is "ready" for the future.

    The future, or at least the concept of which, is unreal.

  4. tama ka, minsan may time na when we say we're ready dun ka pumapalya. is it different from overconfidence?

    off topic: mery streep is <3 hehe
    natawa ko sa nabasa ko regarding her. meryl streep can play anyone, she can even play "the Joker" and still work it. hehe

  5. you are miranda piestly and la marquise de merteuil rolled into one.

  6. @ Ternie : And the magnificent Maleficent completes that trifecta. Try to watch her again in the original Disney Sleeping Beauty. I swear, the measured, understated way her lines are delivered in that low-key, almost soothing voice just underscores her magnificent maleficence - eerily like Streep did for Priestly.

    @ Herbs D. : Hey, baby boy! Welcome back. And yes - Streep should be declared a world heritage site.

    @ my-so-called Quest : I suppose thinking one is prepared might lead to overconfidence, yes. Just like, oh, Venus Raj, let's say. Hence, the major major blunder at the Miss U.

    And yes, like Norma Desmond, La Streep can play any role. And when she does villainesses - oh, I'm sorry, DIFFICULT women - there's that touch of deliciously arch and wicked insanity.

    @ iurico : I'm glad you interpreted Streep's statement to refer to the broader idea of being prepared for whatever life throws our way in general, and not just the particular task of preparing for a movie role.

    If all the world's a stage and we are merely players, then possibly the most interesting part of it is when we have to adlib our way through.

    The thing about successful improvisation, though, is that it still requires that one has understood one's role and the entire script in general. One cannot steer the scene back into the original flow of the script unless one is already thoroughly familiar with the story.

    @ Nimmy : At dahil jan, may nag-text!

    @ Ronnie : "I have Patrick!" - Emily "I'm going to Paris in the fall, it's divine" Carlton.

    @ Fickle Cattle : "Let me know when your whole life goes up in smoke. That means it's time for a promotion." - Nigel Kipling, fashion director, Runway

  7. Oh Rudeboy, I am ready.

    Are you? =)


  8. @ Kane : If I say I'm not ready, then I am. Which makes me ready. Which makes me un-ready. Which shall bring us back to doe-oh-oh-oh.

    But fear not. I keep my promises the way I keep my threats, so...Emily? EMILY! I just don't understand why it's so difficult to locate a dark secluded restaurant somewhere in this godforsaken town. Is it beyond the ability of staff to accomplish this simple task? Am I reaching for the stars here? No.

  9. I don't think Meryl Streep has ever been not ready. She's a flooken chameleon when it comes to acting. I think someone even went as far as saying that Oscars (or a different award-giving body, I can't remember) should have a limit in the number of nominations it gives a particular actor, because of her.

    As for preparing for whatever comes your way or life in general, I don't think anyone could ever be. Cause that's the point. We're here to be thrown off balance every once in a while, and say, when asked in a worldwide beauty pageant, that those mistakes made the person we are right now. Thank you.

  10. paano ba malalaman pag ready na? hmmnnn
    anyway, god knows i worship the goddess Meryl Streep. she's divine! hehe

  11. @ Manech : Well, she did say "sometimes" under-prepping can be very good. Most of the time the woman comes out with her thespian big guns a-blazing.

    As for life in general, I agree with you. We can prepare, but we can never be truly and fully prepared. We all have our scripts but sometimes, you only get the pages while you're already onstage.

    Hence, major major improv.

    @ Mac : I like her point about fear being galvanising. I just find it so, so true. Fear can be such a powerful motivator, far more than ambition.

    @ DB : "paano ba malalaman pag ready na?" Good question. I guess we only find out when we're already in the middle of something.

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  13. @ the geek : I wish I was able to read your post before you removed it.

    @ MANDAYA MOORE: OMG!!!!! I don't about you, but I wasn't ready for this. Wooooooooo!!!!!!!

  14. ay, takot na akong maging boss si rudie. i think he's Miranda's brother. hehehe. =)

  15. ay, i'm excited nga pala for her. she's playing Margaret Thatcher in a soon to be released movie. nice noh? :)

  16. @ Bonsaist : I admit to having a short fuse at work, but my outbursts blow over pretty quickly. It's when I become silent that people know there's trouble.

    And Streep as Britain's Iron Lady? Hmmmm now that I'd like to see.