Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Peak Season

Straight from the airport to a three-project interlock with client.

Currently finishing revisions for tomorrow morning's presentation to their Big Boss and a slew of sales personnel.

When I get home later tonight (or early the next morning, God forbid), I have to do two storyboards and collate documentation for the projects airing over this coming weekend.

Shooting for another project immediately after tomorrow's presentation, interspersed with work-in-progress interlocks for other ongoing projects.

Nine more storyboards for three upcoming projects to be done, then meetings the morning after, recording voiceovers in the afternoon, more editing way, way into the evening.

Release materials early the next day, secure clearances for airing by lunchtime, then spend the remainder of the day (and most of the night) for offline edits for one of the three projects we just graded in Hong Kong over the weekend.

Spend Saturday doing offline edit for the second project, Sunday for the third, in time for Monday afternoon's interlock with client, after I spend the morning stuck in even more meetings.

Another shoot the next day, interspersed with offline revisions, and then five edit-downs for previously-aired projects have to be discussed with my editor.

Day after shoot, we fly once again, this time back to a battered and battle-weary Bangkok.

Variations and permutations of this dance till the end of August  - for now.

What was that line again?

Oh, yes.

There's plenty of time to sleep when you're dead.


  1. work = moolah.

    show me the moolah, ruddie.

    along with your light-saber! lolz


  2. ooooooooooooh and i'm actually complaining for having too many free time... yaiy

  3. i expect alot of keychains already ruddie!!! :)

  4. @ Ming : Time is also money. Shame I can only seem to have one or the other.

    @ engel : Yes, you and your insatiable lust for keychains did cross my mind.

    @ Yj : Oh, to be able to fritter away my days doing absolutely nothing again.

    @ 登山 : And yet bad things seem to last forever, eh.

    @ Ternie :I'm kinda busy. K-kinda busy. K-kinda busy.