Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cat Nap

In The Indolence Of The Filipinos, Jose Rizal opined that the hot climate" is a reasonable predisposition for indolence. Filipinos cannot be compared to Europeans, who live in cold countries and who must exert much more effort at work. An hour's work under the Philippine sun, he says, is equivalent to a day's work in temperate regions."

My cat, then...


...while technically Persian...


...and not quite Muning ...

...must have the right idea.


  1. awww. your cat is so adorably cute!

  2. kitty is tooooo cute! haha

    now i finally have an excuse for when i'm too lazy to clean my room or go to work haha thank you jose rizal.

  3. soo cute! reminds me of the cheshire cat. =)

  4. wish i could sleeep like that.

  5. @engel - a better wish "i wish i could sleep like that .... on rudeboy's lap" ahahahahaha

  6. @ Ternie : He may be a pussy, but next to me, that kitty is the Lord of Dogtown.

    @ beki : o_O

    @ engel : I wish I had the flexibility of a cat. For other purposes than just sleeping :P

    @ Ronnie : He appears and disappears like the Cheshire Cat, too.

    @ lee : My cat would like to thank you - when he deigns to wake up, that is.

    @ Nyl : But of course, a Leo would love the feline persuasion.

    Also, yes. Our national hero just gave us a free pass heheheheh.

  7. i can only imagine when your cat stretches...

    so cute!!

  8. there goes that leo thing again. haha i don't believe in astrology (although one could argue that my belief in it is immaterial) so i don't really know what u mean. lol

  9. hahaha!

    mahilig talaga matulog ang pusa!

  10. wow ancestral home.. very nice. =) i miss those kind of tiles..

  11. this is so PI100 (rizal class) in college. hehehe! love the cats by the way!