Sunday, August 2, 2009

Adios, Corazon de mi nacion.

I'd just learned that Cory Aquino has passed away.

Despite her many missteps during her administration, I've always held Cory in high regard for her decency. Being the guiding light of the movement that toppled Marcos, she gave this country hope that decency and fairness and good governance could be possible, if not achievable.

I pray that with her passing, the values she so valiantly fought for will not die with her. It's no secret that the current occupant of that wretched palace by the stinking river has made a travesty of everything good and decent in this world. Cory, too, saw that, and to her last days she turned against that other woman and all the vile things she represented.

I pray for Cory and her loved ones.

And I also pray for us, for a bright light has been extinguished, and I fear that the darkness will envelop us once again.


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  2. Sweet! Thanks again, Mr. McVie! I couldn't have asked for a better first follower, and at the risk of sounding like a drama king, I'm honored to be linked to your fine, funny, and famous blog.